Getting in the spirit for Feast


Tom Christopherson is bringing his show Business Unfinished to this year’s Feast Festival. Photos: Supplied

TOM Christopherson has a succinct explanation for the inspiration behind his latest show, Business Unfinished.

“I’ve always been drawn to things that scare the sh*t out of me,’’ he says.

“Ghosts are the perfect balancing act of the dramatic, satanic and scientific.

“As I got older I discovered that really, when you think about it – there are lots of similarities between ghosts and queer people. Both exist on the peripheries and are considered an ‘unknown’, both dwell in pockets of ‘almost dangerous’ and ‘best left ignored’.”

Combining prerecorded verbatim audio interviews with Australians who have experienced paranormal phenomena in their homes with live theatre and installation, Business Unfinished is coming to Adelaide this month for Feast Festival, where audiences witness the appearance of unexplained supernatural forces and lip-synch disco (just to keep it camp). It’s an artistic investigation into how we might use art to reconcile our occasionally haunted pasts.

“As Business Unfinished deals with the notion of the domestic spectacle (a broad term which could also be used to sum up my childhood years) and how families are willing to ignore anything which cannot be explained (paranormal or not), ghosts actually serve as the perfect metaphor,’’ Tom says. “I love hearing new ghost stories, and this show draws them out of audiences every single time. I’m keen to hear who’s haunting what in Adelaide these days.”

Business Unfinished, November 14 – 18, 7pm, Basem3nt, 15-17

Featherstone Place, city.